Thermography is the print method used for this wedding invitation. As opposed to letterpress printing where the characters are pressed into soft paper, thermography uses resin and heat to produce characters that are raised from the paper. 

In order to create gold print that has a metallic shine to it, it is recommended to use thermography as the print method as opposed to letterpress. Letterpress inks do not have metallics. However, the gold ink that is used for thermography does contain metallic and thus, a shimmering gold print can be produced.

The type of paper that is used for thermography is also different than the type of paper that is used for letterpress. Smooth card stock creates the perfect canvas for raised ink.

This wedding invitation features beautiful gold thermography printed on classic white card stock. A touch of blush is incorporated with a floral patterned envelope.

Invitation Size: 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches

Print Method: Thermography

Ink Color: Gold

Card Stock: Ultra White Eggshell - 1 ply (120#)
(This card may be upgraded to 2 ply (240#) for an additional cost.)

Liner: Digital - Blush Floral Pattern

Outer Envelope: Please note that the guest address printing must be ordered separately.

Classic White and Gold Thermography Wedding Invitations