Paper & Printing

At Celebration Bliss, we are passionate about paper and print! After all, it is this kind of passion that thinks big, but loves the little details!

For a bride who is shopping for wedding invitations for the first time, you will find that there are so many options that are available for papers and printing methods. In fact, we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming!

The paper and the printing methods that are chosen will play a viable role in the beauty of your invitations. At Celebration Bliss, we are happy to explain the print methods that are available for our selection of wedding invitations.


Letterpress, the very first print method, originated in the 15th century. It began with movable engraved wood blocks that were inked and hand-pressed onto paper to create a print.

Today, this artisan print method remains largely the same. Now, this impression is typically created using plates in place of engraved wood blocks. Although presses have been adapted with safety mechanisms, there is still nothing computerized about the paper, gauging the pressure and making adjustments for consistency throughout each and every print job. The result is a beautiful design exquisitely pressed into a canvas: a printed work of art!

Letterpress can be mixed with other print methods like foil, thermography, flat and full color digital printing.

Unlike other print methods, metallic letterpress inks will lose their shimmer when pressed.

Our lush, loose fibered 100% cotton lettra stock accepts impression beautifully, making it our first choice for letterpress designs.

Our lettra stock is available in two colors:

  • Crane Lettra Fluorescent White
  • Crane Lettra Pearl White

Our lettra stock is available in two weights:

  • 300 gsm (1-ply)
  • 600 gsm (2-ply)