Thermography Wedding Invitations

Thermography is a print method commonly used for wedding invitations that relies on heat to create raised ink, resulting in an elegant, tactile effect. While thermography is more modern in the world of printing wedding invitations, press operators need a balance of artistry and mechanical expertise . . . nothing computerized here! The operators diligently tend to the presses - applying one ink color at a time, aligning the place, feeding the paper, gauging the speed and assessing the ink, and making adjustments for consistency throughout each and every print job. To get the signature raised effect of thermography, a printed wedding invitation undergoes three additional steps. First, thermography powder is sprinkled onto the card. Some powder bonds with the wet ink while the excess is removed. Then the invitation is heated to melt and activate the powder which raises the ink. The result is a beautiful and wonderfully tactile work of art!