Post Wedding Brunch Invitations

Send off the newlyweds with post wedding brunch invitations!

Post wedding brunch invitations allow the bride and groom to spend their first day as a newly married couple surrounded by family and friends. We all know that planning a wedding entails many details that are prepared in advance. And one detail that will end the wedding on a high note is the post wedding breakfast or brunch! It is the first official day as husband and wife. And before they go off on their honeymoon, it is nice to mingle with close family and friends who have shared in the special day. The post wedding brunch is a time to recover from the hectic pace of the wedding day and to give a final farewell to family and friends. Extending post wedding brunch invitations to wedding guests who have come from out of town offers them the opportunity to have a little more personal time with the newlyweds. So send out post wedding brunch or breakfast invitations from Celebration Bliss and set the stage for a morning of special farewells!