Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress wedding invitations feature a print method which originated in the 15th century. It began with movable wood blocks that were inked and hand-pressed onto paper to create a print. Today, this artisan print method remains largely the same, and is the most sought out print method among brides for wedding invitations. Since the invention of flat digital printing, a deep impression into a lofty paper has become a coveted letterpress characteristic. Now, this impression is typically created using plates in place of engraved wood blocks. Although presses have been adapted with safety mechanisms, there is till nothing computerized about this print method! Skilled operators diligently tend to the presses - applying one ink color at a time, aligning the plate, feeding the paper, gauging the pressure and making adjustments for consistency through each and every print job. The result of letterpress wedding invitations is a beautiful design exquisitely pressed into a canvas: a printed work of art!